March 2024

Working with Sighthound Rescue SA, this handsome lad was rescued from hunters in the Cape in February.  He had a leg injury and was in poor condition. When all his vet work was done and he had been neutered, a home check was made, and he was brought up to Gauteng for a meet and greet with the family who were eager to offer him a home. All went well, and he was rehomed with the family who had recently lost their Irish Wolfhound, and whose other dog needed a companion.  Fearghus, as he has now been named, has been happily settled in in his new home since 18 March.  Below is the letter that I received from his new family :-

Dear Dawn,

When I first saw Fearghus at the farm, he immediately greeted me and pressed his body against my legs when I walked with him. We were worried that this gentle soul may be bullied by our other dog, Luna.

They immediately made friends. Within two days Luna started bringing her soft toys for him to play with. It was obvious that he had no idea what a toy was or how to play. He would look at the toy and turn away from it. Now, two months later, Luna still brings him her favourite toy or ball which he then plays with and returns to Luna.

He is an adorable, mild-mannered boy who adapted to his new home and sister with absolutely no fuss.

We were worried that he would not be house trained based on the fact that he was raised and lived outside. He has not had one “accident” in the house since he arrived here. He did not bark or vocalize at all when he first arrived but now will make a yawning sound if he needs to go out or is hungry. This boy has become a dear and loved member of our family.

We are so impressed with the Sighthound rescue group and their support. Thank you so much.

These rescue successes make the countless hours of work worthwhile.  Thank you to our Club members for your continued support, which makes this possible!