tips for finding a breeder

To avoid any impression of partiality (or implied liability) the IWC does not promote or endorse any breeders of Irish Wolfhounds, nor does KUSA. However, a short list of breeders can be found on the Showdogs website at:

Many, probably most, wolfhound breeders are ethical and passionate about the breed. They breed to maintain, and hopefully improve, their lines and the breed. Litters by responsible breeders tend to be few and far between and selling puppies is a secondary consideration. Obtaining a puppy from such a breeder may involve putting your name on a waiting list and patience. It may also involve being subjected to something of an interrogation by the breeder on your ability to support a wolfhound! If so, do not take it amiss, it’s a good sign, an intense interrogation is a measure of the breeders concern for the dog. A list of questions that you may be asked is provided in this section.

Unfortunately, there are some breeders that as less-motivated by the good of the breed and it is a case of “buyer beware”. See the Health and FAQ’s sections for guidelines. The IWC fully subscribes to the sentiments expressed in the disclaimer on the KUSA website at the following link.

Some suggestions:

  • Do look through the Show Results pictures on this site to judge for yourself what you like the look of.
  • Do visit Championship Shows listed on this site and on KUSA ( ) and talk to the wolfhound enthusiasts present.
  • If you have the opportunity to travel, do your homework beforehand and consider fitting one of the major European or American shows into your schedule. Importing a wolfhound puppy is not for the faint-hearted nor a guarantee of success but there is a greater diversity of breeders available.
  • Consider a rescue although that too may involve a wait. Rescue dogs can come with “issues” but in the vast majority of cases the outcomes have been good for both hound and human. See the Rescue Stories on this site.
  • If, in your search for a hound, you come across situations of wolfhounds in distress please advise the IWC (Rescue Contact) and we can discuss the situation with you. We cannot always intervene but sometimes we can.