questions for you to ask your buyer

Questions that Breeders ask Buyers

A reputable breeder will feel a duty-of-care towards their litters. Prospective new owners can expect an interrogation of varying intensity and should take it as a measure of breeder integrity.

  1. Is the property secured with fencing/ walling/ locked gate? (general security of the pup)
  2. Where will the puppy sleep at night? (safety and socialization)
  3. What other animals do you have? (early acclimatization of the pup, predator/prey issues)
  4. Who will take care of and feed the puppy during the day? (abandonment concerns, pups need attention and frequent feeding in the early months)
  5. Why do you want an IW puppy?
  6. Would you want to breed with your puppy later on?
  7. Will you take your puppy to socialization & training classes? (with such a powerful animal this is essential)
  8. Do you have children and if so how old are they? (young children, say, <5 can be injured by a boisterous puppy)
  9. Who will the puppy belong to and who will be responsible for feeding and general well being?