of the Irish Wolfhound Club of Gauteng

  1. Before breeding a litter, considerations should be given to type, temperament, health and soundness.  Aggressive dogs are not satisfactory as pets or breeding stock.
  2. It is recommended that a bitch be bred no younger than 24 months and that she is only bred on every alternate season unless her previous litter size was less than 3 whelps (dead or alive), or if she has a cycle longer than eight months.  It is further recommended that she is bred a maximum of three times in her life.
  3. No dog should be used at stud under the age of fifteen months and/or until the relevant tests have been done. (See item 4. below)
  4. Before any dog or bitch is bred it is recommended that the animal be X-rayed at the recommended age of between 15 – 24 months but before three years of age, and certified (free from) A1 to B1 in the FCI Grading for Hip Dysplasia and 0-0 for Elbow Dysplasia.
  5. Before any dog is bred, it is recommended that it be heart tested from the age of two on an annual basis.
  6. All breeding should be aimed at the improvement of the Breed. Members should do all in their power to discourage breeding from clearly inferior or unhealthy specimens.
  7. No Member should breed a litter unless he/she has the time and facilities to devote proper care and attention to the rearing of the puppies and the well-being of the dam, and no Member should provide stud service unless he/she is satisfied that the owner of the bitch has such time and facilities available.
  8. It is recommended that should a member breed and produce puppies that the breeder will then remain responsible for each and every puppy for the duration of its life.  The breeder should be willing to take back any dog he/she sells or places, in order to provide or find an appropriate home for the animal
  9. No Member should breed a litter unless he/she is reasonably sure of finding homes for the puppies. No puppies should leave the breeder before a minimum age of eight weeks; the recommended age is twelve weeks. It is recommended that all litters bred be tested for Portoystemic Shunt (PSS) before being placed or sold.
  10. No puppy should be sent by public carrier before it is appropriately inoculated.
  11. It is recommended that no puppies should be sold to areas where they are not protected by Anti-cruelty laws.  However, it is better to place a puppy in a good home in a bad area, than in a bad home in a good area.
  12. No puppies should be sold to pet shops, laboratories, security firms, or as security dogs, or to persons known to sell puppies to any of the above.  Nor should stud services be provided to such persons.
  13. Prospective buyers of puppies should be screened for suitability and should be advised of the characteristics of the Irish Wolfhound as a Breed.  The Breeder should encourage the prospective owner to feed the puppy correctly and endeavour to monitor its progress.
  14. Members should only sell animals, which to the best of their knowledge are in good health at the time of sale.
  15. Each purchaser of an Irish Wolfhound puppy should be provided, at the time of sale, with a pedigree, diet sheets and information about training, worming and inoculations.  Each Purchaser of an Irish Wolfhound puppy is to be given the registration papers, or if being sold with restrictions, these to be explained on initial enquiry to the Purchaser.  Available Breed literature information should be provided.  All breeders should encourage puppy purchasers to join the Irish Wolfhound Club of Gauteng and provide them with Membership Application forms.
  16. It should be impressed upon Buyers that they should contact the Breeder in the event of any problems with the puppy.  Breeders should make every effort to be of assistance in these circumstances.
  17. Advertising by Members must be factual. Members should refrain from making unfair or untrue statements about the dogs or practices of others.
  18. Officers and Committee Members of the Club should always be ready to do their best to help members with any queries or problems.
  19. No owner to allow his/her Irish Wolfhound to participate in dog fighting.  No Breeder should sell puppies to, or offer stud services to people known to participate in dog fighting.
  20. No Breeder should sell puppies to Purchasers who will use the puppy for crossbreeding or breeding with unregistered dogs, and no stud services should be offered for these purposes.
  21. All Members of the Irish Wolfhound Club of Gauteng are bound by the Kennel Union of Southern Africa Code of Ethics, by the fact that the Club is affiliated to KUSA.  A copy of the KUSA Code of Ethics is available at
  22. When confronted by a situation not covered by this Code of Ethics, the breeder’s conduct reflects how he or she would like to be treated under similar circumstances.

(Final 29 January 2012)