Are wolfhounds good with children?

The great majority of them are (they are not called the “gentle giant” for nothing) however do not assume that this is a given. Irish Wolfhounds are GIANTS and whilst they may master their big bodies once they are adults, a boisterous Irish Wolfhound puppy can send an adult ‘ flying’ – and therefore could unintentionally injure a child. They are rarely aggressive towards people or children, but some (especially those with limited or no exposure to children) may be uncomfortable around children.

However, in general, if raised properly they are great family dogs. It should, nevertheless, be stressed that children should be taught to respect the wolfhound and should never be allowed to tease or hurt (pull ears and tails) a dog, even if the dog is extremely tolerant of such behaviour. This is not fair towards the animal and if the animal were eventually to retaliate the ramifications could be severe – both physically and emotionally.

Children should NEVER be allowed to sit or ride on a wolfhound. Although they may resemble a mini pony they are not horses and can suffer severe spinal injuries from even a small child’ s weight.