What should a prudent buyer ask the breeder?

Apart from the obvious information request the questions below also establish the breeder credibility

1. Can I see the 5 generation pedigrees of the sire & the dam? (to verify that the parents etc. are pedigree dogs)
2. What food do you raise your puppies and juniors on?
3. What food do you feed your adult dogs?
4. May I see the puppies’ bite (see below)
5. May I see the dams/sires bite? (see below)
6. Do you supply a feeding chart and general care guide with the puppy?
7. What age do you let the puppies go to their new homes? (see below)
8. Which vaccinations would they have had? (one should expect inoculation against parvo, distemper and a “6 in 1” inoculation, but not yet rabies, and an inoculation certificate to prove it)
9.Do you take your dogs out to shows or public places?(this builds up the parent’s immune system that is transmitted to their offspring)
10.What health problems has your kennel experienced? (a good breeder will be frank about past problems so be wary if the answer is “none”)