What does an Irish Wolfhound puppy cost?

This varies from breeder to breeder and (rather like asking the price of an exotic car) if the answer is important then maybe the breed is not for you! In mid-2017 a good quality puppy from a reputable kennel was in the region of ZAR15,000. Puppies are sometimes offered for considerably less in which case it is a very good idea to ask why?

Reputable breeders are motivated by reasons other than profit and will rarely have more than two litters of, say, six puppies on average from a bitch. They will keep at least one puppy per litter. Against the income from selling puppies must be set the considerable costs of raising them, the lifetime food and medical costs of the bitch and stud fees or lifetime support of the sire. The reality of Irish Wolfhounds is that (regardless of the purchase price) the ongoing cost of a wolfhound is high.

A mature male can consume three 20 kg bags of commercial food per month. Medical expenses for a giant dog can be gigantic, especially towards end-of-life. Antibiotic and other medicine dosages are a function of weight. If a Wolfhound becomes seriously ill one can expect to pay twice (or more) the purchase price of a puppy towards medical expenses.